06 May 2019

Blaenwinllan the home from home cattery

What a find!!
Our kitten absolutely loves it here!
No distress, not even a pout when we collect her!!
First class service from two lovely, caring, genuine people who absolutely adore cats and always put their needs first. We can’t fault the service Ela’s received and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


19 Aug 2018

People who really know cats

A fine cattery that we continue to use time and time again, and to recommend to friends and family, recognising the level of consideration and understanding shown towards cats that are boarded. This comes across as a vocation first and foremost and a business second.


11 Aug 2017

Lovely , well looked after and amazing owners of this beautiful cattery x

I’ve been bringing my cat Here for nearly 2 years. He is always well looked after. The owners are always friendly and welcoming . The cattery is always clean and tidy and the views are beautifully done.plenty of space for your cat to play and chill and admire the view of their beautiful garden .

I would recommend this Cattery to anyone who is looking for a great well looked after place for your cat to stay and have a fab time while your away. X


04 Apr 2017

Total peace of mind.

I have no hesitation in recommending Blaenwinllan to any cat owners as a first class holiday for cats. There is no need to worry about your cat/s while they are at Blaenwinllan – the only drawback could be they won’t want to leave. James and Paul are extremely caring, knowledgeable and professional and I have no worries whatsoever in the service they provide. I only wish more people who run likewise establishments would take a leaf out of their book.


27 Jul 2016

Creme de la creme!

…….that’s it really……simple! I love the fact I don’t worry about my cats welfare when they stay here- they are so well looked after; and yes I know that is what you would expect from a Cattery otherwise they would not be in business BUT what James and Paul give you is far more than just that! When picking up the cats it becomes obvious that they do not just care for your cats while away they actually spend time enjoying the cats’ company- they tell you of the little observations they have made whilst getting to know your cats and that is priceless!
I also like the fact that my cats get fresh air whilst on their holidays without a chance of them escaping thanks to the lovely chalets they are kept in (nice views as well).
I would not hesitate in recommending Blaenwinllan to all cat owners 🙂


12 Oct 2015

Excellent Cattery we have been using for ten years

My wife is sort of cat mad, so she is very particular about where her 5 cats go when we have to leave them in a cattery. She finally settled on James and Paul at Blaenwinllan because they are so careful and share her passion for cats.

The cats chalets are clean with heaters and have outside runs that overlook a garden where there are flowers an birds for the cats to look out on.

James has a good layman’s grasp of veterinary care and notices and advises us about cat health issues. I sometimes bump into him at the vets when he is seeking advice about one of his charges. You can trust this cattery to look after your cat.


01 Oct 2015

A Top Place for a Top Cat

We have been boarding our cats at Blaenwinllan since 1992 and have always felt that they have consistently received the very best of care whilst we have been away. Both of our cats have had medical conditions but these issues have not proved problematic for Blaenwinllan.

Although we have moved away from the Carmarthen area we continue to take our cat there due to the high standard of accommodation and care. It is also a reflection of our trust and confidence in Blaenwinllan.

James and Paul have proved to be an invaluable source of advice and help and particularly so when we were moving and needed guidance on the best way of helping the cat to move to a new area.

We have every confidence in Blaenwinllan and peace of mind when the cat stays there. If you are looking for a cattery, I would heartily recommend that you visit Blaenwinllan before making any decisions. (JudithM)


08 Sep 2015

It’s the cat’s whiskers!

As a family, our cats have boarded at Blaenwinllan for over twenty years. in terms of standards and cleanliness, no other cattery compares. Paul and James endeavour to create a welcoming and homely atmosphere, they take particular care of your precious moggie and are always ready with useful advice and dietary tips. You would be doing a disservice to your cat by allowing them to board anywhere else – every cat deserves to be a Blaenwinllan cat!


03 Aug 2015

Home from home

Blaenwinllan Cattery gives me total peace of mind when I leave my cat there during my frequent trips to visit my daughter. I said when I first saw the cattery that I would be happy to stay there myself – it’s so beautiful and is a lovely setting. They know my individual cats needs so well meaning that I have total peace of mind when my cats are there. The heating is so good for my eldest cats arthritis and by changing and advising me on my youngest cats diet Paul and James have improved my cats health greatly. I would never send my cats anywhere else as they are so well cared for and come home happy and settled. Their knowledge about cats and their health is so good that I am as confident in asking their advice as ringing my vet.


29 Jul 2015

5 Star For Felines!

We have just returned from collecting our cats from Blaenwinllan Cattery and we felt moved to write a review because we so appreciate the 5 Star treatment that James and Paul afford to our boys. They stay there frequently due to our business travelling and it is invaluable for us to feel 100% confident that they will be extremely well cared for, they will be happy and relaxed due to the immaculately clean, light and airy chalets with separate sleeping accommodation which even has overhead infra-red lights to maintain a beautifully comfortable temperature! All of this plus gloriously tranquil garden surroundings. James and Paul have an extremely in depth knowledge of cats and past experience has shown that if a medical problem arises they are absolutely capable and competent to handle it. One of our cats had a health issue and the help and support offered to us was second to none. We were abroad on this occasion so they took our cat to the Vet with our permission and thankfully the problem was solved. If are looking for peace of mind when you are away from your furry friend(s) and lets face it we all do fret (!) then choose Blaenwinllan, we give them a huge 1000% thumbs up!

JackieD-23 16 Jun 2016
I have used this cattery on many occasions and it’s amazing. I live in Llanelli and have searched for another cattery. But nothing quite compares to this one. So it’s worth the travel just to make sure my cat is save and happy. My cat always comes back very happy and so refreshed. It’s like a retreat for her she is very happy. I put my whole trust in this cattery and I am never disappointed.


28 Jul 2015

First choice for felines

What makes a cattery a home from home for our feline friends? It’s not just the fact that Blaenwinllan conforms to all regulations. It’s not just that it is light and airy. It’s not just that the cattery is spotlessly clean and fresh. It’s not just that a beautiful garden outside the cats’ runs provides brightness and colour. What makes Blaenwinllan extra special is James and Paul, who are passionate about cats. They take such great care of the cats in their charge. We are retired and have a touring caravan, so we like to go away as often as possible. This means leaving our lovely little cat, who we love to bits, with James and Paul. Some owners, especially the first time they leave their much-loved feline friends, are apprehensive, to say the least, about how their cats will respond to being left. They need not worry here. At Blaenwinllan the cats are provided with love, care, safety and protection by two of the nicest people we know. So when we leave our cat in their care, we are confident and happy that she will have her own little holiday in first-class accommodation.


02 Jul 2015

Excellent care

We have been using Blaenwinllan Cattery for a number of years and are impressed by the care and concern shown towards the cats. We are very grateful to James who displayed concern regarding the possibility that our cat may have had a thyroid problem. He advised us to see our vet, which we did. James was right as our cat indeed did have a problem. We ourselves were unaware of his condition, as he looked healthy and was acting normally. But, thanks to James, our cat is now on medication for his condition. I would certainly recommend Blaenwinllan for all your cat’s needs.


04 Jun 2015

Caring owners and lovely faclities

My elderly cats have been coming to Blaenwinllan Cattery for a number of years and we are always impressed with the care and attention they receive in lovely surroundings.

One of my cats is diabetic and on insulin injections twice daily as well as having special dietry needs. I have complete confidence in James and Paul looking after my diabetic cat as they too had a diabetic cat themselves in the past and are familiar with injections and the special diet requirements. I always know that my cat has a special eye kept on him and receive a detailed report when picking him up about how he has been eating, drinking and behaving. I also know that if he became unwell when I was away his local vet would be contacted for advice.

James and Paul have always very helpful and professional in looking after my elderly cats , who always seem very happy and content when collected.

I highly recommend this lovely tranquil cattery and would not go anywhere else.


02 Jun 2015


excellent and caring owners, superb chalets, want to stay there myself!


21 May 2015

Expert care for your cats

We have been using this Cattery for the last 25 years and have found the care given has always been of the highest standard. Each cats individual needs are identified and provided for. We have the highest regard for James and Paul’s professionalism and expertise in all aspects of cat care and feline disease and they are always ready to give sound advice if requested. We are more than happy in the knowledge that our cat is safe in Blaenwinllan.
The chalets are situated in a beautiful well tended garden with a
stream which, in our opinion, represents a stress free environment for the cats. Very highly recommended.


20 May 2015

Wonderful cattery

Wonderfully professional and caring cattery. We’ve used their services for many years now and would never even consider going anywhere else. You always feel as if you’re leaving your pets in the very safest of hands. The setting is open and interesting and the charges eminently reasonable. A five star cattery run by five star people. Highly recommended.


19 May 2015

Excellent Cattery

I’ve lived in the area for over 30 years, and I wouldn’t take my cats anywhere else. To begin with Paul and James are such lovely, kind caring people and you can tell they love animals. I am happy to go away and leave my cats at Blaenwinllan because I know that when I return my cats always look chilled out and their fur is all soft. Paul and James are happy to administer tablets to your cats if they are on prescribed medication. When one of my cats was Hyperthyroid it was a godsend to be able to go away and know that my cat was getting the medication she needed. The chalets are nice and warm heated with an infrared lamp – if your cat wants to stay inside, but I think its important that cats get the fresh air also, in Blaenwinllan you get the best of both worlds. The outlook from the chalet is countryfied which is nice for the cats to be able to see around them and not just looking at a wall or through glass. Also there are different size chalets so two or three cat’s from the same family can share. Wonderful cattery, lovely caring people, what more could you ask for.


19 May 2015

spotless, a home from home for your beloved cat(s)

We have tried a number of catteries in this area since moving here two years ago and this is the best one by far.

The chalets and runs are spotless and have a nice view of the garden. There is space between the runs for hygiene and privacy but the cats do get to look around them and so there is visual stimulation for them. They can bring their own toys and beds for familiarity.

Most importantly, the proprietors, James and Paul, are very experienced in their field and are well placed to take care of the cats’ health and well-being during their stay. They have a wonderfully calm manner with the cats and even our two older cats, by nature very shy and nervous, have looked relaxed and “chilled” by the time we return to collect them. They are always in excellent shape, with bright eyes and shiny coats, and their dietary needs are observed strictly.

Our two younger cats were very small when they first stayed with Paul and James but they settled in straight away and barely gave us a backwards glance. They love climbing and scratching, both of which they can do easily in their run.

We would highly recommend this cattery for peace of mind when you have to leave your cat or cats behind.