Elderly Cats

Many people are understandably apprehensive about boarding elderly cats, especially for the first time. However, the elderly adapt exceptionally well to the design at Blaenwinllan Boarding Cattery.



The full-height chalets mean that older and disabled cats simply walk in and out of their ‘en suite’ sleeping units if they so wish without having to negotiate steep ramps to a raised sleeping area as is the case in some designs.

The infra lamps are extremely therapeutic and are exceptionally good for the cats’ coats and kind to ageing bones.¬†Moreover, they heat the whole unit so that the cats enjoy a warm, cosy and constant ambient temperature. It is no exaggeration to say that to many elderly cats this is akin to paradise.

The cattery is of course complimented by the peaceful location which allows all the cats to enjoy the relaxing, stress-free views of the garden and grounds with its stunning mix of the cultivated and wild, its abundant flora and fauna providing ample entertainment and stimulation.

The proprietors have considerable experience and expertise in the management and care of elderly cats and the many conditions that commonly affect them. You can rest assured that your ‘senior citizen’ will receive the very best care and attention at Blaenwinllan.

Cats with special needs

With regard to other special needs, we are happy to accept cats with ongoing medical conditions – including diabetes – as long as this is fully discussed prior to booking and the cat’s condition is regularly monitored by your veterinary surgeon. All medication must of course be supplied by the owner.¬†Grooming of cats is carried out as required.



Are you struggling to find a cattery that can cater to elderly cats?

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